Haryana-based hardware manufacturer SUZU Steel (INDIA) is working on a game plan toemerge as a leading national hardware brand. SUZU has been in the hardware business since 1986, manufacturing SS Hinges, Screws and Door & Furniture Fittings. SUZU Steel (INDIA) was the first company to introduce SS Hingesin India. “We have beenproducing over 100 types of hinges and more than 200 types of screws as well as all otherproducts at our Eight Manufacturing Unitsin Rohtak. Now our management has decided tocome out of the cocoon and broaden the product portfolio. Also, we have decided to becomeaggressive in the market.” To begin with, SUZU Steel is launching SS Padlocks with Stainless Steel Padlocks Shackle“It willbe the first of its kind in the Indian market,” SS shackles are stronger and longer lasting. “Wehave also launched Multi-Purpose Locks, Godown Locks, Shutter Locks, Furniture Locks, And Door Closers. SUZU is not going to limit itself; we are working on diversification and by the end of thisfiscal we will foray into digital locks and digital security systems.” Another segment being considered is kitchen accessoriesand wire baskets and many other products ranges. Till date the company has been catering to scattered markets in India. SUZU will focus on newer markets. Besides having astrong presence in east and north India, it is present in a few pockets in west and south too. The goal for the next one year orso will be to strengthen the retail base in these regions. Central India too will be a focus region. “Over the last couple of months, we have been engaging with potential business partners, distributors in particular, for thewest and south zone as well as central zone. We have short listed a number of promising and enterprising parties.”


We provide high quality products which will obtain credit from our customer and further save cost to possibly replace or to deal with complaints or claims because of bad quality. We work hard to maintain consistent standard of quality so our customers will not worry what they are going to receive. Our delivery system is so configured enabling us to deliver the ordered quantity exactly on time to save time cost and inventory management cost. Our research and development department always try to introduce new innovation products continuously with short time frequency to support our customer marketing approach. Hence "SUZU" a confident and active manufacturer dedicated to the maximization of customer satisfaction is constituted and growing. And we warmly welcome all our customer and dealers all across the world.


There is no specific thing which leads to success. A positive zeal of dedication and hard work are the attributes, and of course a good team work always stand out from the masses. A leader is to take responsibility of action and managing the team to work along on the company goals to achieve success. A future leader needs to be proactive about the future scenarios.


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