Door Handle

Suzu avails Door Handles in India with a number of exclusive designs and the quality. Suzu Steel India is known as the best Door Handles Manufacturer and Supplier.  We have various kinds of door handles like Qadbury D Brown Door Handles, Qadbury L Brown Door Handles, Qadbury Plain Door Handles, Duster Door Handles, Wave Door Handles, Mandir Door Handles, Rocket Door Handles, Rose Door Handles, Jet Door Handles & a lot of other variants with superior design & quality.
Door Handles are used to enhance the look of the door or we can say that Door Handles are the elements which help us to open or close the doors. Without Door Handles there is no such importance of Door. Quality Door Handles not only helpful in enhancing the looks but also works as backbone of the door. Suzu Steel gives you the superior Door Handles with finishing will enhance its look twice. Suzu India is the best Door handles Supplier & Manufacturer.

qadbury d brown door handle qadbury l brown door handle qadbury plain handle
Qadbury D Brown Qadbury L Brown Qadbury Plain
Model no : SDH 012 Model no : SDH 012 Model no : SDH 012
Size (in Inches) 8 Size (in Inches) 8 Size (in Inches) 8
oberio door handle duster door handle wave door handle
Oberoi Duster Wave
Model no : SDH 20 Model no : SDH 09 Model no : SDH 10
Size (in Inches) : 8 Size (in Inches) : 8 Size (in Inches) 8
mandir door handle supreme door handle rocket door handle
Mandir Supreme Rocket
Model no : SDH 03 Model no : SDH 005 Model no : SDH 006
Dia (in MM) : 20 Size (in Inches) : 7 Dia (in MM) : 14
Size (in Inches) 7   Size (in Inches) 6, 7
rose door handle vegas door handle jet door handle
Rose Vegas Jet
Model no : SDH 08 Model no : SDH 04 Model no : SDH 007
Dia (in MM) : 19 Dia (in MM) : 16 Dia (in MM) : 14
Size (in Inches) : 8, 10, 12 Size (in Inches) : 6, 8 Size (in Inches) 6, 7
beeta door handle square tikki door handle tikki door handle
Beeta Square Tikki Tikki
Model no : SDH 08 Model no : SDH 02 Model no : SDH 01
Size (in Inches) : 8, 10, 12 Dia (in MM) : 12 Dia (in MM) : 14
  Size (in Inches) : 6 Size (in Inches) 4, 6, 8

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