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What is Door Handle ?


Door hardware components are central elements in providing easy access for visitors to and occupants of institutional and commercial facilities. Although these components — including handles, locks, closers, and operators — also play a huge role in boosting facility security.

door handleDoor Handles – The Handle that you turn or press on to open the door. A door handle is an attached object or (system|device) used to manually open or close a door. A door handle generally refers to any set or lever-operated door latch device. A lot of popular lever-handle options are polished brass, bronze, dime, and steel, as well as left-handed and right-handed. Managers specifying handles must be certain to match the “hand” of the handle with the hand of the doorway.

If you’ve just bought a new front door or you are looking to provide or give your current door a little bit or somewhat of makeover, your choice of door handle can be crucial. As well as ensuring that you get the one which is well made and long lasting, it’s crucial that you get the one that appears the part and suits or matches with the style that you are trying to give your house. Whether you are trying to sell your home or want to make it look the very best it can, paying close attention to details like your outside door handles can make all the big difference.

Types of Door Handles

Deep Backplates – door handles can be set into deep backplates which can incorporate covering the lock hole, thus saving the need for a key hole cover. We find these as the most popular type of door handles as they have a stylish or a classy and tidy look. There are different options on the backplates for different key types and distances. For a bathroom, you might have emergency or urgent turn and release set into a deep backplate.

Small Backplates – these work in an identical way to door knobs. The backplate could be circular or square and it is ornamental or attractive. A separate escutcheon would be required to cover the lock hole.

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Door Stopper – Keep your door open!

Door Stoppers

We all have trouble facing with doors swinging and banging with walls. And here comes the door stoppers in picture as permanent and reliable solution of our problems.  Door Stopper is not a new concept and we all have been using it from ages in one form or the other.

Door Stopper/Door stop is one of the most important accessories relating to doors. It is an object or device which is use to hold the door or to keep the door remain open or closed or to stop it from banging in the wall. In general it is an object made of either metal/rubber/wood of a combination etc to prevent the door from swinging.


  • To prevent the door from banging into walls
  • Holds the door or keep it remain open or close
  • Controls the direction of the door


Door stop comes in different styles and are made of different materials. We offer various number of door stops. Some are defined below:

  • Solid Door Stop – It is the most common form of door stop. It is used to stop the door from banging. It is generally mounted on the backside of the door so that no damage is caused to either part in case the door swing opens. Rubber door stops are commonly seen as rubber absorbs the force of the door. Other materials in which solid door stops are found is wood, nickel and chrome.hinge pin door stop
  • Hinge Pin door stop – It fits into most doors. It requires no fasteners and no holes in the doors. Improved and self adjusting. Available in Nickle and stainless steel
  • spring door stopSpring door stop – It is generally made of a combination of chrome, nickel and rubber like materials and works in the same way as the solid door stop. It can be fixed on the door and whenever the door swings, the spring absorbs the shock and both the wall and door stay protected. It occupies less space than the solid door stop. It is light weight and looks elegant.
  • kick start door stopKick start door Stop – This type is most useful of all as it helps to control the direction of the door, with its aid we can open the door as much as we want. It is fixed on the bottom of the door and kicked downwards when one wants to keep the door open. It uis made up of a combination of materials like chrome and rubber or nickel and rubber or steel and rubber etc.
  • magnetic door stopMagnetic door stop- This type is also most useful of all as in this type of stopper a magnet is inside and it uses magnet to hold or pick up its support tightly.
  • Blocker door stop
  • Adjustable door stop

Points to be kept in mind while choosing a door stopper/door stop /or we will help you to make a smart choice after considering the

  • Purpose
  • Space available
  • Look and elegance
  • Type of door
  • Budget

In order to get a modern and contemporary look, coordinate your door accessories like door stop with knockers, handles and pin holes etc.

So whenever you think of door stop, Approach/visit us to find the best one suited to all your needs. We are here to help and assist.

  • Rubber door stops – It is the most common form of door stop. It is used to stop the door from banging. It is generally mounted on the backside of the door so that if the door does swing open, it will simply hit the rubber and bounce off. The rubber absorbs the force of the door so that no damage is caused to either part.
  • Fabric door stops provide a softer surface to halt the door when it opens. All door stops can be mounted easily using nails but there are also decorative freestanding varieties for those after something a little different. Simply find the spot where the door will strike if allowed to swing open and place your doorstop in that position.
  • Chrome door stops – Chrome door stops are a very elegant. Chrome is a very popular material to use for door furniture as it has a sheen and finish that reflects light.
  • Metal
  • Nickel

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Door Hinges: A Complete guide on Door Hinges

Door Hinges, generally in three or four, which are mortised into the house door. Most Residential Hinges are used made of Stainless Steel and for exterior doors are made of brass to prevent corrosion.

You see them a day, however I might be willing to bet they most likely don’t occupy an oversized a part of your brain.

Hey, I work with them and that they don’t even occupy an oversized a part of my brain, therefore don’t feel guilty.

However, it’s smart to understand a factor or 2 concerning door hinges, particularly if you’re on the point of begin a brand new construction project.

There are some choices and that they supply completely different levels of security. Give a contribution whether or not you would like them for interior doors or exterior doors and you have got many choices out there.

Let’s see them in

Door Hinges Types

Generally we have two major types in door hinges

Butt Hinge

butt hinges
Butt Hinges

The butt hinge is one of the popular hinges that you probably see the most. They’re being used on virtually every residential door, and on most commercial doors, for that matter. They have a pin that mates the 2 leaves of the hinge along and there are many differing types of butt hinges.

Continuous Hinge

continuous door hinge
Continuous Hinge

You’ve likely observed a Continuous Hinge or two in your day, however they’re generally on outside entryways. In the event that they happen to be on an inside entryway, it’s an overwhelming one. These are either stick and barrel kind hinges or geared hinges are generally linked with two gears inside of a casing. Pin and barrel hinges are with pin slide into a barrel.

With a continuous hinge, any crevice between the entryway and the casing is secured by the hinge. This keeps criminals and vandals from having the capacity to pry the entryway open utilizing that hole as influence with a crowbar or whatever else they could use as a lever.

Choose the quality as per your need like Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass Door hinges.

Security Features

On your exterior doors, if you’re choosing a hinge then it must be necessary to know security features too.

1. It has Non-Removable Pins

Non-removable pins are a security include utilized on butt hinges that are entirely obvious. The pin used in the barrel on this hinge is there to remain. The main way the entryway could be expelled from its opening is if somebody somehow happened to cut it off of its hinge. This would take a great deal of time and would be truly uproarious.

I can have a bet no thief would want to have that risk.

2. Security Studs

I’ve additionally heard these alluded to as “security tabs,” however security studs is a significantly more normal term. These additionally go on butt hinges and they bolt the two leaves of the hinges together when the entryway is shut. The stud on one leaf mates into the opening on the other leaf.

In the event that the pin is expelled from its barrel or, if the barrel itself is removed the hinge, the two leaves remain bolted together, driving whomever is attempting to get in (without a key or legitimate qualifications) to pry the edge far from the entryway.

Again the same no criminal would take that risk.

Quality Grade: If you are supposed to use a low quality grade hinge on the high-traffic door then its really a big disaster blender we are going to make. High-Traffic Doors always need a number one grade hinge to be installed to keep the alignment of door.

After this if you are not sure about from where to start in case of hinges then Lets Suzu Steel takes a chance to answer every question you might have?

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