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What is Door Handle ?


Door hardware components are central elements in providing easy access for visitors to and occupants of institutional and commercial facilities. Although these components — including handles, locks, closers, and operators — also play a huge role in boosting facility security.

door handleDoor Handles – The Handle that you turn or press on to open the door. A door handle is an attached object or (system|device) used to manually open or close a door. A door handle generally refers to any set or lever-operated door latch device. A lot of popular lever-handle options are polished brass, bronze, dime, and steel, as well as left-handed and right-handed. Managers specifying handles must be certain to match the “hand” of the handle with the hand of the doorway.

If you’ve just bought a new front door or you are looking to provide or give your current door a little bit or somewhat of makeover, your choice of door handle can be crucial. As well as ensuring that you get the one which is well made and long lasting, it’s crucial that you get the one that appears the part and suits or matches with the style that you are trying to give your house. Whether you are trying to sell your home or want to make it look the very best it can, paying close attention to details like your outside door handles can make all the big difference.

Types of Door Handles

Deep Backplates – door handles can be set into deep backplates which can incorporate covering the lock hole, thus saving the need for a key hole cover. We find these as the most popular type of door handles as they have a stylish or a classy and tidy look. There are different options on the backplates for different key types and distances. For a bathroom, you might have emergency or urgent turn and release set into a deep backplate.

Small Backplates – these work in an identical way to door knobs. The backplate could be circular or square and it is ornamental or attractive. A separate escutcheon would be required to cover the lock hole.

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